Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Current makeup faves

Urban Decay Naked Pallet
I absolutely love this palette, although it's been around for some time it's new to me. This palette has quickly become my default all purpose eye shadow love. The colours complement each other really well and I can create all kinds of looks with them.  

What are my most worn colours?...

Half Baked
This is the most stunning gold.  It's as if I have powdered gold on my eyes. I wear this alone or in the inner quarter of my eyes.

Another stunner! I use this almost everyday, either alone or with Half Baked and Darkhorse.

To me this is a dark copper colour. Mostly I use this in the outer corner of my eyes for a day time smokey eye look.

This colour appears black in the palette but used on my skin tone it's a little lighter, more a charcoal colour.  Creep is another colour I use for blending. If you look closely you can see tiny bits of gold Glitter within the shadow which I think give it that something extra.

This a nice shimmery light blue colour.  I love how this colour looks on my skin, it's really bright and fresh. This is the colour I'm wearing on my profile pic. I use this on its own or with Creep.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

The is a smouldering dark brown eye pencil in the colour Demolition.  It transfers onto your water line with just a gentle stroke and it's fairly long lasting. I love how this complements my eyes.

HD brow beater

This eyebrow setter holds my brows in place all day, its clear in colour and gives my brows that extra umf after my pencil and powder application. I actually got this in my may GlossyBox and have used it everyday since.

Mac Mineralize Satinfinsh Foundation (NC44)

This is a more sheer foundation in comparison to my usual studio fix fluid. I got this for those summery days that seem to be few and far between at the moment. Although this is my favourite foundation at the moment it's not my all time fave.  I apply this lightly as I'm not a fan of greasy skin and to much of this has that effect on me, I think its the gold shimmer that causes that. The thing I love about this foundation is the glow it gives my skin and how perfectly it complements my eyeshadows.

Loreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum

For me this is a fabulous lash product. I have a habit of picking away mascara... it's terrible... I just sit there picking away and i love it!!! (ha ha) but hey.. that's a story for another day.  Anyway where was I... so the picking has left me with less lashes than I started with they just look so sad.  I apply this a few minutes before my mascara application and after washing my face at night. I've been using this for about a week and my lashes seem a lot more fuller. 

 realTECHniques buffing brush
love love love this brush!! I'm new to using brush's for my foundation application. Ive only been using a foundation brush a for a couple of years and only used benefits foundation brush previous to that. Having had a make up artist at mac use the 187 duo fibre brush on me I was amazed at the flawless look it gave, I was like "yeah I'll have one of those please"!  but when she told me the price i nearly fell of my chair.. I think it was like £32 or something. Not me (ha ha) there comes a point where one has to draw a line. I had to find what I thought to be a more reasonable price for a BRUSH! I found the  realTECHnique brush's in boots and they came as a set of four costing around £20. in the set you'll find:

.Buffing brush
.Contour brush
.Pointed foundation brush
.Detailer brush

I use the buffing brush in small circular motions to blend in my foundation and powder.

All about the lips...

It has to be said that I'm loving lip balms at the moment! particularly Korres Lip Butter in Mango.  It smells beautiful, doesn't really hydrate my lips as fast as I'd like but goes on really nice and blends well with my lip liners. For fast lip hydration I use Soft Lips in French Vanilla. 

Hope you liked my latest blogg, all feedback welcome come back soon!! xxx

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