Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beautiful bag


In need of a short notice bigger handbag; bigger than the bag that I had with me that is.  I thought i'd pop into Primark so I didn't have to spend to much money and I stumbled across this beauty... 

Now the shocking thing about this bag to me is that it look's like a bag from a high street store, particulerly say 'Warehouse' with a possible retail price of around £45. I am so in love with this bag and only spent a minute £8 on it... EIGHT POUNDS!!! I'm sorry i had to say that twice as i'm just sooooo delightfully shocked (haha).

I'm not really a regular Primark shopper just because it's always so busy. The frustration kick's inn and I end up leaving but this handbag has given me some new Primark shopping stregnth. ;)

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  1. Beautiful bag. Like the color.

    p.s.: great blog


    1. Thank you for taking the time to view/comment on my blog. I've just started blogging so any hints and tips are welcome. :)

  2. Hi,nice blog an nice bag.I bought also cheap bags from Primark.
    I invite you to participate to my GA,it is open internationally.You can win a golden mask 23 carat.

    1. Thank you for your invitation Glossy Lala... :) Love your blog concept and have added you. ;)


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