Thursday, 28 June 2012

DIY Biker Jacket

My Funky New New

Topshop Quilted Panel Biker Jacket

I'd been looking around for a new Biker Jacket for some time but was yet to find the one for me? :(  I saw this on the Topshop website after being drawn in to have good old mooch around the sale. When I saw this jacket I decided to go in store and try it on.  

There really isn't much breathing space in the jacket so I got a size up feeling ristricted in my clothing is not the one for me.  On the way to the check out I saw a few people wearing the same jacket so I thought it'd be a good idea to put my own stamp on it.

I remembered seeing a DIY clothing blog recently. The blogger had added pretty little balls over her denim jacket this gave me the the inspiration to individualise my jacket. I got some studs online from Studs and Punks and embarked on my DIY mission!

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Nails

Starry Night Nails

I saw a picture of a Modal  sporting a similar nail design to these and really liked them. I thought i'd make this look my own by adding a little sparkle! When I look at them they remind me of shiny stars on a dark night so I named them my Starry Night Nails. :)

 What did I use to create this look?

From left:  Avon Nailwear pro+ in licorice, Rimmal lasting finish in 500 Disco Ball, Rimmal Pro Super Wear ultra shine Top coat, Avon Nailwear pro+ in Starry sky.
Step by step....

1. Make sure that your nails are free from polish and oils by wiping over with acetone free nail polish remover.

2. Apply a base coat to protect your nails from discolouration and to help the nail polish last on your nails.

3. Apply two thin coats of Avon Starry sky (or a polish of your choice). Keep the application thin or your nails will peel and chip after a day or so. If the polish you are using provides a good coverage then one coat will be fine.

4. At this point you can use a guide to create the half moon shape. If you are going to use a sticker guide then let your nail dry thoroughly or you may find the sticker will peel off your polish and ruin all your good work! :)  

I started with one stroke of Avon's licorice polish at the half way point in the middle of my nail and continued doing this up each side of my nail until I had reached the desired look. Again you can use one coat if the polish provides good coverage. I used two coats to perfect the shape and coverage.

5. Apply one coat of Rimmal's Disco Ball (or your preferred glitter polish) over the top half of your nail polish, allow the surface to dry. The glitter I used has silver, blue and lilac inn. On closer inspection I think maybe a plain silver glitter polish would have matched better but hey! next time..

6. Apply one layer of Rimmal's Ultra Shine Topcoat over the entire nail to seal the polish on. When you apply the top coat bring it over the tip of your nail this will stop your nail polish from shrinking and chipping from the tips.

Job done!!! :)

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Burning Question

I just wonder why?

We currently live in a twisted society where every line is being crossed; some might call it evolution? I call it rebellion and lack of love.  We have 10 year old girls looking dressing and sounding like 16 year old girls?  We have 16 year olds living there life’s as adults?  We have girls looking like boys?  Boys looking like girls? We have less and less married couples and more and more single people and single parents.

"The number of unmarried couples rose from 1.4 million in 1996 to 2.3 million in 2006. Lone parents are also on the increase, with an 8 per cent rise in the number of adults bringing up children on their own. The number of married couples fell by 4 per cent in the same 10-year period, with just 12.1 million married couples remaining".


The number of co-habiting couples stands at 2.3 million. This is expected to reach 3.8 million in 2033.
Meanwhile, the proportion of those co-habiting who have never previously married is expected to rise from 74% to 87%.
Since 1978, more and more couples have decided against tying the knot - in 1978, 50% of people were married. Meanwhile, divorce has become more popular. In 1978 only 2% of couples split but by 2008 this had reached 7% of couples.


There is also a high number of children left in childcare anywhere from 15 - 45 hours per week. In a one parent family the parent has no choice but to go out to work and although the children benefit from the social interaction should they not be with their parent? Would the child/children not prefer the company and love of their parent?    

How have we gone from togetherness to me, myself and I??? How has a lie become the truth and the truth become a lie? Some of the most ridiculous lies out there that people have succumb to are... "Love hurts" another "I'm better off on my own", " I don't need a man",” I don't need a woman".  These words are having awful effects on us and the future generations.  These words are turning into the next generation’s reality. 

The celebrity

Everyone has had their eye on the celebrity at one point or another. Focusing on their lives in detail, concerned with such things as: what their wearing and where they got it, there latest hair style, what make up they have on, who they’re seeing,  the list is endless.

This generation and the next generations are looking up to celebs and modelling themselves from them. From my view point I don't see anything positive come from the general celeb. I have to wonder what society would be like if the celebrity were removed? Or if maybe their lives were not made so publically available.

We live in a judgemental society. We all judge each other every day and this has; in some cases, horrific effects. We have TV shows like The X Factor, The voice, Big Brother knowingly or UN knowingly we sit there judging throughout the shows, who are we to judge each other?

I guess my point is why are we so focused on material things instead of the things that have substance and meaning?  Or has the material replaced meaningful?  I would love to hear your views....

Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Current makeup faves

Urban Decay Naked Pallet
I absolutely love this palette, although it's been around for some time it's new to me. This palette has quickly become my default all purpose eye shadow love. The colours complement each other really well and I can create all kinds of looks with them.  

What are my most worn colours?...

Half Baked
This is the most stunning gold.  It's as if I have powdered gold on my eyes. I wear this alone or in the inner quarter of my eyes.

Another stunner! I use this almost everyday, either alone or with Half Baked and Darkhorse.

To me this is a dark copper colour. Mostly I use this in the outer corner of my eyes for a day time smokey eye look.

This colour appears black in the palette but used on my skin tone it's a little lighter, more a charcoal colour.  Creep is another colour I use for blending. If you look closely you can see tiny bits of gold Glitter within the shadow which I think give it that something extra.

This a nice shimmery light blue colour.  I love how this colour looks on my skin, it's really bright and fresh. This is the colour I'm wearing on my profile pic. I use this on its own or with Creep.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

The is a smouldering dark brown eye pencil in the colour Demolition.  It transfers onto your water line with just a gentle stroke and it's fairly long lasting. I love how this complements my eyes.

HD brow beater

This eyebrow setter holds my brows in place all day, its clear in colour and gives my brows that extra umf after my pencil and powder application. I actually got this in my may GlossyBox and have used it everyday since.

Mac Mineralize Satinfinsh Foundation (NC44)

This is a more sheer foundation in comparison to my usual studio fix fluid. I got this for those summery days that seem to be few and far between at the moment. Although this is my favourite foundation at the moment it's not my all time fave.  I apply this lightly as I'm not a fan of greasy skin and to much of this has that effect on me, I think its the gold shimmer that causes that. The thing I love about this foundation is the glow it gives my skin and how perfectly it complements my eyeshadows.

Loreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum

For me this is a fabulous lash product. I have a habit of picking away mascara... it's terrible... I just sit there picking away and i love it!!! (ha ha) but hey.. that's a story for another day.  Anyway where was I... so the picking has left me with less lashes than I started with they just look so sad.  I apply this a few minutes before my mascara application and after washing my face at night. I've been using this for about a week and my lashes seem a lot more fuller. 

 realTECHniques buffing brush
love love love this brush!! I'm new to using brush's for my foundation application. Ive only been using a foundation brush a for a couple of years and only used benefits foundation brush previous to that. Having had a make up artist at mac use the 187 duo fibre brush on me I was amazed at the flawless look it gave, I was like "yeah I'll have one of those please"!  but when she told me the price i nearly fell of my chair.. I think it was like £32 or something. Not me (ha ha) there comes a point where one has to draw a line. I had to find what I thought to be a more reasonable price for a BRUSH! I found the  realTECHnique brush's in boots and they came as a set of four costing around £20. in the set you'll find:

.Buffing brush
.Contour brush
.Pointed foundation brush
.Detailer brush

I use the buffing brush in small circular motions to blend in my foundation and powder.

All about the lips...

It has to be said that I'm loving lip balms at the moment! particularly Korres Lip Butter in Mango.  It smells beautiful, doesn't really hydrate my lips as fast as I'd like but goes on really nice and blends well with my lip liners. For fast lip hydration I use Soft Lips in French Vanilla. 

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

She Said Beauty Reviews

Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir
Great product!! I was totally looking forward to using this bath elixir. Elemis products are known world wide for there huge range of spar products and therapies.  

The product has a thick consistency, clear in colour, once in the water you get a generous amount of bubbles and can smell the essential oils right away. The most prominent essential oil I could smell was Cederwood. The bath elixir on a whole smells amazing, it reminds me of Dermalogica's relaxing massage oil. Do I feel like I've been transported to a tropical island as mentioned in the product description? no! But I definitely felt relaxed and think this product is worth the money.
Full size £19 300ml 

St.Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Moisturiser:
Already having a medium/dark skin tone I have to be careful using tanning products. however! I do use gradual tans to even out my skin tone and to add a golden shimmery glow. 

This Gradual Tan is white in colour, has a medium texture and the signature St.Tropez smell on application is undeniable. You can smell the aloe vera within the product at first; which is nice! but as it fades that horrible fake tan smell makes an appearance. I could see the colour of the tan on my skin the following day after application. I had this tan in medium/dark which is the colour I'd choose when choosing a gradual tan but unfortunately it added to much of an orange tone to my skin. 

This product is great for lighter skin tones or people that like an obvious tan but definitely not for me.
Full size £14.30 200ml

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream
This product is true to it's name. My hands have been very dry just recently so I was happy to have a little hand cream in my She Said Beauty box. Almost instantly after applying this products my hands felt super moisturised! 

Comes in a tube, white in colour, dense in texture and on application it leaves a really smooth luxury feeling on your skin. Regarding the smell of this fantastic moisturiser the word "old lady" comes to mind (ha ha). I wouldn't rate this product in terms of the smell but I'd give it a ten+ for it's fantastic moisturising effects.
Full size £14.50 100ml

From right,  Elemis Bath Elixir, St.Tropez Gradual tan, Balance Me Moisturiser

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
This is a moisturiser/sun screen/makeup base. It states on the packaging that this product is suitable for all skin types? all skin types maybe but definitely not all skin tones as the colour of the product left me looking a bit ghostly. not for me but would suit a paler skin tone.

A very watery consistency, nude beige in colour has a nice bitter/sweet smell. It goes on the skin easy but soaks in very fast.
Full size £20.00 25ml 

Yardley London Royal Diamond Eau De Toilette
Ya know I really can't make my mind up about this perfume. On application I kind of think "ewwww bit to mature for me" but then as it settles it has a gentle sweet floral scent. I like it enough to use the sample i think, but i don't think I'd by this for myself as I think it's a little to mature for me.
Full size £9.99 50ml

Let's Go Lashes
I got these in 'flirt' there beautiful! They come with the lash glue in the box, when there on they have a beautiful natural look and stay on well.  I would buy these again only for a special occasion just because I think strip lashes are to expensive for what they are. I'd rather try and make the most of my natural lashes; short as they are! :)
Full size £8.95

From left,  Let's Go Lashes,  Ginvera BB Cream, Yardley London Perfume

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beautiful bag


In need of a short notice bigger handbag; bigger than the bag that I had with me that is.  I thought i'd pop into Primark so I didn't have to spend to much money and I stumbled across this beauty... 

Now the shocking thing about this bag to me is that it look's like a bag from a high street store, particulerly say 'Warehouse' with a possible retail price of around £45. I am so in love with this bag and only spent a minute £8 on it... EIGHT POUNDS!!! I'm sorry i had to say that twice as i'm just sooooo delightfully shocked (haha).

I'm not really a regular Primark shopper just because it's always so busy. The frustration kick's inn and I end up leaving but this handbag has given me some new Primark shopping stregnth. ;)

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