Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Burning Question

I just wonder why?

We currently live in a twisted society where every line is being crossed; some might call it evolution? I call it rebellion and lack of love.  We have 10 year old girls looking dressing and sounding like 16 year old girls?  We have 16 year olds living there life’s as adults?  We have girls looking like boys?  Boys looking like girls? We have less and less married couples and more and more single people and single parents.

"The number of unmarried couples rose from 1.4 million in 1996 to 2.3 million in 2006. Lone parents are also on the increase, with an 8 per cent rise in the number of adults bringing up children on their own. The number of married couples fell by 4 per cent in the same 10-year period, with just 12.1 million married couples remaining".


The number of co-habiting couples stands at 2.3 million. This is expected to reach 3.8 million in 2033.
Meanwhile, the proportion of those co-habiting who have never previously married is expected to rise from 74% to 87%.
Since 1978, more and more couples have decided against tying the knot - in 1978, 50% of people were married. Meanwhile, divorce has become more popular. In 1978 only 2% of couples split but by 2008 this had reached 7% of couples.


There is also a high number of children left in childcare anywhere from 15 - 45 hours per week. In a one parent family the parent has no choice but to go out to work and although the children benefit from the social interaction should they not be with their parent? Would the child/children not prefer the company and love of their parent?    

How have we gone from togetherness to me, myself and I??? How has a lie become the truth and the truth become a lie? Some of the most ridiculous lies out there that people have succumb to are... "Love hurts" another "I'm better off on my own", " I don't need a man",” I don't need a woman".  These words are having awful effects on us and the future generations.  These words are turning into the next generation’s reality. 

The celebrity

Everyone has had their eye on the celebrity at one point or another. Focusing on their lives in detail, concerned with such things as: what their wearing and where they got it, there latest hair style, what make up they have on, who they’re seeing,  the list is endless.

This generation and the next generations are looking up to celebs and modelling themselves from them. From my view point I don't see anything positive come from the general celeb. I have to wonder what society would be like if the celebrity were removed? Or if maybe their lives were not made so publically available.

We live in a judgemental society. We all judge each other every day and this has; in some cases, horrific effects. We have TV shows like The X Factor, The voice, Big Brother knowingly or UN knowingly we sit there judging throughout the shows, who are we to judge each other?

I guess my point is why are we so focused on material things instead of the things that have substance and meaning?  Or has the material replaced meaningful?  I would love to hear your views....

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